Three Reasons to Learn English As a Second Language
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Three Reasons to Learn English As a Second Language

This articles give four reason why somebody might want to learn English as Second Language. English is learnt all over the world, find out why!

There are many reasons why people learn English as a second language, this article will discuss the top 10 reasons as to why people would want to learn English.

1. Most Widely Spoken Language?

In fact, at the time of writing (February 14th 2011) the 'fact' that English is the most widely spoken language might be a myth, Mandarin has over 1 billion speakers, most of whom are native speakers. English has between 300-400 million native speakers. It is clear that Mandarin has more native speakers, but there are between 500 million and 1.4 billion learners of English as a Second Language (ESL). It is hard therefore to gauge if English does have more or less speakers than Mandarin.

However, it is clear that English is spoken in more places in the world than any other language. Mandarin is mostly restricted to China, English is used throughout the world. The fact that many people in many different places have an understanding of English from a very basic level to an advanced level, enables speakers of English to communicate with all sorts of people from all over the world.

2. Lingua Franca?

Here we can see that as a number of people from many different places speak English as a Second Language, a person from France would usually communicate with other foreigners in English if they didn't know their native tongue. For example, a Swedish woman and a Spanish man might choose to communicate in English.

The English language is also used by big international corporations as the language to conduct business. Moreover, the English speaking world of entertainment, i.e. music, movies and TV, is available in English throughout the world. You will often hear English songs being played in foreign countries with locals happily singing along in English. 

English speaking TV channels, for example, BBC and CNN are shown all over the world, as well as Hollywood movies and radio. Being able to understand English gives you the ability to have a form of entertainment available that you can understand in most places on Earth, not to mention access to current affairs.

Most of the internet is in English and most social networks use English as do video games. Although other languages are freely available in all respects, most use English as the primary language. This enables communication to a whole variety of different people from different places, from playing video games online to using the internet.

3. The Internet!

Although there is a huge amount of data contained on the internet in many different languages, by far English is the most widely used. By being able to understand and communicate in English, you can use the internet to communicate with the whole world. It will be easier for the internet user to share information, whether that be intellectually, entertaining, social or any other kind of information.

This ability to not only collect information but to communicate information that can be understood by hundreds of millions of people is a compelling reason to learn English. However, it could be argued that other languages can be used equally as much because there are nearly as many Chinese (Mandarin) language users. English however, is more widely used around the world and a person with the ability to communicate in English can find it easier to exchange information all over the world, and not just in certain specific countries.

4. Job Opportunities!

More and more international businesses are spreading all over the world. Quite often, English is a prerequisite if you want to further a career in business. Moreover, aviation all over the world operates in English, imagine a Spanish Pilot, in his Spanish Air Plane, Speaking to a Spanish Air Traffic Controller in Madrid, speaking in English! This is not to say that people who cannot speak English will miss out on good opportunities, but English is becoming more widely used around the world than any other language.


This article isn't seeking to place any hierarchy on the many different languages around the world. Indeed, some other languages are widely used, including Mandarin, Spanish and French. This article shows four reasons why somebody might want to learn English as Second Language.

Learning English opens many doors and offers the speaker many more avenues of communication and access to people to communicate with, all over the world.


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Comments (3)

I'm glad I can write and speak English. I have the privilege of reading a lot of information written in English and learn to apply knowledge derived from my readings.

Thankyou for your comment Partick, you are living proof that being able to communicate in English does give you access to a wealth of information stored in the English Language.

You are truly right William, a second language open one's door to a whole new world, thanks for this piece.