10 Interesting Facts About the Origins of Words
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10 Interesting Facts About the Origins of Words

Etymology - a branch of linguistics that studies the origin of words. Originally, the ancient - the doctrine of the "true" ("full") meaning of the word. Sometimes called the etymology and origin of the word itself.As we all know everything has its origin and it changes with the locations.Words are also different in different locations..The words collectively makes a language by which the peoples communicate with each others...

Etymology - a branch of linguistics that studies the origin of words. Originally, the ancient - the doctrine of the "true" ("full") meaning of the word. Sometimes called the etymology and origin of the word itself. For example, "a Greek etymology of the word book." What is it? And the fact that today we have a collection of facts about the origin of some words.





1.In an old Germanic tribes of the fifth day of the week was dedicated to the goddess Freya, which is why the English language Friday said Friday.

2. In the XIX century Americans called their wallet scams often eaten with "pouk." That is explained by the appearance of the word poker.

3. The word "robot" was coined in 1920 for the play «RUR» (the uprising of machines), the Czech playwright Karel Capek.

4. Name of the Lamborghini race car derived from the surname of the founder of the manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini. It is noteworthy that, founded in 1963 the company was a subsidiary of a tractor factory Lamborghini Trattori SpA

5. The word "shit" comes from the Proto-Slavic «govno», that osnachaet "cow" and was originally associated only with the cow's "bread." "Govyado" - "cattle," from here "beef", "beef." By the way, from the same Indo-European root, and the English name of the cow - cow, as well as the shepherd of the cow - cowboy. That is, the phrase "fucking cowboy" - not a chance in it - a deep kinship.

6. In Russia, called the scammers are not liars or thieves. So called the master, who made purse that ispurses.

7. Scripts in Russia, called a stick, which beat the witness, seeking the truth.

8. The word "hockey" has French roots. The name of the game came from the word "hoquet", which means "shepherd's staff."

9. The word «gypsy» comes from the word «Egyptian», since, according to the English popular belief, the Gypsies came from Egypt.

10. "Xmas" - abbreviated English name of Christmas, does not contain the letter "X" and the Greek letter "chi," which was used in medieval manuscripts as an abbreviation of the word "Christ" (ie xus - it christus).

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Comments (6)

Thank you for the word information. I have read shit comes from "ship high in transit". Old research done years ago.

HI Angel: Very nice. I once had a teacher who said we either fall in love with words or numbers. I definitely fell deeply into words. Enjoyed! Recomended.

Interesting collection of words and their origins.

Thank you Angel, for this interesting information on the origin of words. Hope to avail your friendship and support.

What a neat topic and list!

I wish you hadn't deleted my comment on here. I refuted most of these points!